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50% OFF Bigfoot Monster Truck

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1/5 scale Primal RC Raminator Monster truck is a heavy monster of the machine. It weighs 80 pounds and is one of the largest and most powerful RC vehicles you have ever seen!


Solid shaft, CNC aluminum axle tube with steel axle. Heavy duty CNC aluminum housing oil-immersed 4-bevel gear differential. Steel ring and pinot gear. The modular shaft tube design is easy to maintain. Ready to use in rear wheel steering conversion kit.

Suspension and drive train, adjustable four-link shock absorber long-distance travel suspension. 12-inch aluminum oil-filled heavy-duty impactor. Swing rod. Rugged aluminum four-link suspension shaft with Heim steel joints.

Double-chain drive all-steel gear single-speed transmission. Multiple gear ratio options enable high speed and torque adjustment. Transmitter operation is reversed. The design is easy to maintain.

49cc reed valve engine, 49cc 2-stroke air-cooled reed valve for scooter engine. The rated power exceeds 6 horsepower. Designed to obtain high torque at low RPM. 80mm centrifugal clutch setting. Custom-designed steel-regulated exhaust pipe.

The two-piece polycarbonate body of the truck body is mounted on a customized heavy-duty plastic roll cage. The whole body and cage assembly are easy to disassemble and easy to maintain. Detailed internal driver diagram.

Tires and rims 12 x 7.5 inch monster truck chevron tires with foam lining. Heavy-duty nylon locks inside and outside. It is mounted on a 24 mm hexagonal, 5.5 x 6 inch nylon wheel rim with reinforcing ribs.

Brakes, front and rear axle manual disc brakes with steel rotors. Equipped with a powerful 70 kg brake servo, which can provide powerful braking force.